ROBOCOP — Official Trailer (2014) [HQ] смотреть онлайн

ROBOCOP — Official Trailer (2014) [HQ] смотреть онлайн

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Release Date: February 7, 2014 Studio: Columbia Pictures (Sony), MGM Director: Jose Padilha Screenwriter: Josh Zetumer, Nick Schenk Starring: Joel Kinnaman, …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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    1. Camron Butler

      just because of this I watched all three of the first movies and so many
      things in the trailer (i.e the gun on the side of his leg, his line at the
      end of the trailer, etc) ERMEGERD IT MADE THE TRAILER LIKE 500000X AWESOMER
      But I think it looks like they made robocop too much of a badass in this
      one. Like in the original movies he wasn’t agile in anyway shape or form

    2. Livingston Hampton

      I can already see some distinct differences between this one and the 1987
      original. For instance, in the original Murphy’s family had long since
      moved on, believing him to be dead whereas in the upcoming remake/reboot
      his family is still present and attempts to reconnect with him. Also,
      Murphy is shot to death by a group of deranged, murderous thugs in the
      original whereas he is nearly blown to bits here.

    3. Ansatsu Ra'Karth

      I am going into this movie with the mind set of it being a completely
      different and having almost no similarities. That having been said, I have
      doubts this movie will be anything other than crap.

    4. ceojr1963

      The alagory, God’s design over man’s design. The brain which even to this
      day we do not understand, even if Obama wants to map it out (which is still
      considered an almost impossible task) is more complex than we thought it
      was even 10 years ago. And computers written by man’s codes (morality is a
      strong theme here), who wins in the movie. You all know the ending, it was
      already written. Christ is Risen.

    5. Raymundo Dávila Anzures

      It’s gonna be a huge challenge to equal or surpass the success of the
      original. I wasn’t very impressed by the trailer it’s just ok. But only
      because I really loved the previous one I will watch this new one…

    6. gjw000

      samuel l jackson has been in a lot of shit films, and 1 or 2 good ones.
      hoping this wont be shit, although, with it being full of unknowns, i
      suspect this will fall into the shit category

    7. algierssolja

      If it is R Ill will watch it. Robocop cant be PG13. When Robocop came out
      it was ahead of its time. It had a theme commercial based internet traffic
      similar to Starship Troopers when a video call was thought to be
      impossible. I just hope they do the movie justice instead of just raping
      another one of my childhood favorites for a pay day…..which is more
      likely to occur then an actual enjoyable movie.

    8. Jukka Rasmus

      I for one cannot wait for this movie. I love what Robo looks. I only wish
      htey would have kept him as grey/silver, but cannot deny the fact that
      black isnt cool.
      Also ED-209 (the mech) looks awesome!

    9. Joey Cymbals

      All super heroes, all old school characters remake are black dressed! All
      started with Xmen, then the Pegasus on Clash of the Titans, recently
      Superman’s crystal..between many others, now a «more tactic» Robocop. Could
      be a good movie, but black on steel? ..isn’t getting old already? 

    10. plushsnail

      So, instead of spending $120,000,000 to remake a movie — a movie that
      remains widely seen and which has already had two film sequels as well as
      adaptations/continuations in comic books, video games, TV shows, a pinball
      machine, et al. — what if MGM gave $100,000 each to 1,200 independent
      filmmakers to make unique, personal projects? I know that’s not how the
      system works, but I can dream…

    11. Mark B

      This film looks OK, however, It will go the same way as Total
      Recall(remake), The Thing(remake) and even to a certain extent Tron
      legacy…What the original films created was a sense of wonder(Tron), fear
      & paranoia(the thing 1982) ultra-violence & dark satirical humor(Robocop).
      The 12A rating that this flick is likely to get will confirm my
      suspicions…Will wait and see!!! 

    12. Aladdin Rubro-Negro

      why people do not wait to watch the movie to criticize?
      read these comments is so funny
      go see the movie with a open mind and after you can bitching about

    13. AConservativeVictory

      Remakes that were NOT needed:

      Total Recall (1990)
      Robocop (1987)
      The Driver (1970s)
      Fun with Dick and Jane (1970s)
      Night of the Living Dead (1968)
      Carrie (1973)
      Frankenstein (1932)
      12 Angry Men (1957)
      3:10 To Yuma (1957)
      Arthur (1981)
      The Bad Seed (1956)
      Brian’s Song (1971)
      Carnival of Souls (1962)
      Cat People (1942)
      Clash of the Titans (1981)
      D.O.A (1950)
      The Evil Dead (1981)
      Night of the Demons (1988)
      Friday the 13th (1981)
      Get Carter (1971)
      The Goodbye Girl (1977)
      Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (1967)
      Halloween (1978)
      The Hitcher (1986)
      High Noon (1952)
      House on Haunted Hill (1962)
      The Karate Kid (1984)
      Lost Horizon (1937)
      Stagecoach (1939)
      Miracle on 34th Street (1934)
      Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (1936)
      A Nightmare on Elmstreet (1984)
      Piranha (1978)
      The Poseidon Adventure (1972)
      Psycho (1960)
      Scarface (1932)
      The Front Page (1931)
      To Be Or Not To Be (1942)
      Charade (1963)
      The Time Machine (1961)
      The Wickerman (1973)
      Village of the Damned (1960)

    14. LordHelmet X

      Interesting, very interesting. A remake but a pretty good one at that. I
      liked the the first two Robocop movies but after the third I got tired of
      it and hated Robocop. This one has sparked my interest and I will most
      likely check it out. Out with the old and in with the new because let’s
      face it, we aren’t in the 80′s

    15. Iain Moughton

      I’m actually going to give this remake a chance.
      I said Dredd was going to be awful, it was ok.
      when I first saw they were doing Robocop I said it would be awful, but now
      I know I see Micheal Keaton, Gary Oldman and Samual L Jackson, I have to
      give it a chance, it might actually be good.

    16. Sir Deaconator

      I’ll admit it — the movie doesn’t look bad, but it doesn’t feel like the
      Robocop I know.
      I mean, give him black, sure, but the fact he still has perfect memory
      feels kinda ruined. Some of the best parts of the Robocop movies was him
      struggling to remember, now he’s not really a robot, he’s more like a guy
      in a robot suit.

      The movie may be good, but it isn’t the true Robocop I came to know.

    17. Streunekater

      So dumb. When will they make «Casablanca II» and «The third man VII»? It
      sucks a lot by now. Can’t you just leave good movies and books be good
      movies and books? Can’t you just make a NEW movie for NEW plots any more?!
      What’s up? Are the movie makers in this century just too bad to write a
      story any more?

    18. Moff Xanatos

      I stopped watching at 0:40, just wow, Not only do they pussy out on the
      «death» of alex murphy with a car bomb, but they go even further in that
      he’s not even IN the car when the Bomb goes off… You know the reboot is
      doomed to failure when Robocop has a less violent origin than Mathew
      Broderick’s Inspector Gadget. I was willing to look past the new designs
      and give this movie a chance, but they blew it… Oh well, I guess with all
      the Ultraviolent awesome in Dredd 3D there just wasn’t any left for Robocop :P 

    19. MrZestful

      My only bitching is that this robocop looks more skinnier than it’s
      predecessor. And the helmet gosh so lame. There’s no badass element from
      it. Whelp it’s only a trailer, I could have been wrong.

    20. yarpen800

      +warhawkfanboy How the fuck is this shallow CGI bullshit fake robot batman
      an improvement over the original? Just because it has more explosions
      doesn’t make it better.

    21. westgoten

      Nah, ill skip this one, looks like shit. Go find Robocop Prime Directives
      instead, or Vindicator (youtubenumber nIB0J8wOIkY). Actually, that last one
      was made one year Before the original Robocop. Same story, 1/10 of the
      budget, probably 10 times as entertaining as this

    22. Ugleskjegg

      I dont give a fuck about it having to be the «same» as the original or
      whatnot, I watch it to be entertained! Yes I have seen the original and
      the two movies are from two separate eras in moviemaking. You either
      watch it or you don´t….

    23. mmscott9

      Robocop is black so he closer resembles Batman, for the same reason that
      Gary Oldman is cast, so idiots will presume it will have any resemblance to
      the Nolan Batman films. Second reason why Robocop is black is because he
      looks like he was put together by Apple, and as everyone knows, Apples
      products are the best because they look cool, despite the fact that they
      are shitty quality and overpriced. Thirdly, simply hiring Samuel L Jackon,
      because he’s cool and probably won’t add anything to the storyline (in the
      Avengers film, modern day Nick Fury in the comics is actually based.on
      Samuel L Jackson, so that’s ok) Really, it looks like they are hugely
      trying to over compensate from a shitty story.

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